The Krewer - Lorenz Family

Monika Lorenz, Jörg Krewer and their children Marius and Luca Sophie Krewer welcome you on their internet site.

Monika and Jörg

We first met while sailing. More about this

Marius and Luca

Marius and Luca at the notebook on Christmas 2007.

Some years ago: Marius and Luca are delighted on Christmas about their some new audio cassettes.

Jasma, our family's dog

Jasma is a black Labrador retriever, born 1998. The children love Jasma, here with Luca.

Mabub, Monika's horse

Monika's horse Mabub is an white Arabian gelding.

Our leisure activities


Here a particularly exciting moment...
with this result
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Horse riding

Monika and Luca enjoy horse riding.

Tennis and young fire fighters

Marius started playing tennis in 2007 and is active in our town's young fire fighters group since 2005.



Monika works as a sekretary at the Institute for Systems Engineering and System and Computer Architecture of Hannover University.

Jörg develops software for car navigation systems at Blaupunkt.

Postal address
Danziger Str. 5
D-30982 Pattensen

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