Horse riding

It started with the children's pony riding in 2001.

This revived a dream from Monika's teenage years: Horse riding. Some training courses brought her ahead.

In 2002 Monika leared to know Mabub, a horse owned by a friend. Mabub is an Arabian gelding, born April 2000.
Monika nursed the horse when it was ill. So when the young horse was to be sold, she could not resist:
Consequently besides our dog Jasma we acquired a new family member: Mabub, here on a recent and an older photograph.
Several days a week Monika attends to Mabub. You can see the satisfaction of the two.
But not only riding but in particular contact with the animals are Monika's pleasure.

Luca continued horse riding. She works Mabub from the ground and rides along in a trot.

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